Print Cafe
1029 Anvil Rd, Robertville
Phone: (011) 672 3736
Cell: 083 325 6055
Fax: (011) 672 4746

We design it. We reproduce it. We colour proof it.We print it. We deliver it



Print Café is dedicated to design reproduce and print the highest quality product at the best price. Print Café endevours to satisfy the customers by providing advice, technical knowledge and innovative solutions. We have invested in the latest ting business with our first client we established 23 years ago – Shield Buying and Marketing.

Afrox Holdings and S.A. Breweries are also regular clients. We service the L’Oreal Cosmetics House producing all their point of sale material. Most of our clients are high profile companies requiring exacting standards and excellent turnover times. We are very aware of security requirements in our industry. All work is confidential and 24 hour security cameras are operational. Customers will be able to request all tapes recorded on our premises while their work is being executed. We also provide the option of additional security while the work is being transported. We are confident in stating that we at Print Café enjoy long and warm relationships with all our clients.