Print Cafe
1029 Anvil Rd, Robertville
Phone: (011) 672 3736
Cell: 083 325 6055
Fax: (011) 672 4746

We design it. We reproduce it. We colour proof it.We print it. We deliver it

The Difference

The Difference is known, owned and energized by the whole team. We are focused on providing the highest level of flexible service to our customers. Making our product and our services excellent is the responsibility of every team member. We understand that we are only as good as the weakest link in our team. Every team member will be focused on strengthening the weakest link.

Anyone who received a customer complaint owns the complaint. Every team member is empowered to resolve a customer problem and prevent a repeat occurrence. We are an adventurous company. We are prepared to take risks to deliver excellence to our customers. We are a “do it” team. Every team member will look for ways of identifying non value-adding activities and eliminating them.

As part of the Print Café team, we are on a journey of continual learning, both individually and collectively. We have, and develop, the best people in the industry. We all represent Print Café, truly being an ambassador both within and outside the workplace; always talking positively or constructively and without negativity. Every team member understands their work area and how it impacts on their strategic plan and the overall strategic goals of the Print Cafe.

We are a caring, non-discriminatory company and we treat people without prejudice. We feel that through effective communication and listening we can resolve problems. As a team, we believe that we are as good as the best in the world. Our work and lives are enriched by a sense of achievement.