Print Cafe
1029 Anvil Rd, Robertville
Phone: (011) 672 3736
Cell: 083 325 6055
Fax: (011) 672 4746

We design it. We reproduce it. We colour proof it.We print it. We deliver it

Business Principles

Print Café is built on the following business principles:

  • Respect for individual in the organisation.
  • Equal opportunity for the individual in the organisation, irrespective of race creed, gender or colour.
  • Respect for the customer and strong emphasis on service to them.
  • Provision of innovative, value for money product, which address niche markets, requiring solutions to all of the advertising markets.

The following three statements define the strategy for the development of Print café:

  • To endeavour to be leader in our field.
  • Products are characterised by cost of effectiveness and quality.
  • Our product is produced with the latest technology. This saves you time and money.