Print Cafe
1029 Anvil Rd, Robertville
Phone: (011) 672 3736
Cell: 083 325 6055
Fax: (011) 672 4746

We design it. We reproduce it. We colour proof it.We print it. We deliver it

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Print Café is a high growth, African Reproduction and printing company committed delivering low cost, high technology products. Our product is created in a positive environment conducive to excellent teamwork. Print Café people proudly see themselves as one team, sharing in knowledge, specialist skills, friendship and success of Print Café maintains a high standard of quality services, and we use our expertise to facilitate stable growth.

Our Mission

Products are characterized, by cost effectiveness, quality and sustainable competitive advantage. Products are accompanied by turnkey services which includes photography, reproduction and various printing methods.

To provide the customer with a feeling of well being, knowing that all products are produced with precision and accuracy. To encourage the adoption of the highest standards of design, reproduction and printing. To collaborate and drive skill development initiatives within the organization.