Print Cafe
1029 Anvil Rd, Robertville
Phone: (011) 672 3736
Cell: 083 325 6055
Fax: (011) 672 4746

We design it. We reproduce it. We colour proof it.We print it. We deliver it


We print all sizes of brochures from DL, 210 x 99 to A4 210 x 210 mm printed 1 side or both sides we specialize in printing and distributing brochures and have printed travel brochures for some top game reserves, nature reserves, resorts and spa’s, and also top pharmaceutical companies for distribution on pharmacy and doctors room boards. Print Café offers specialised brochure printing, and also brochure distribution, with display boards at O-R Tambo international airport and other key sites

You can either, call in and see us or we will come to you in the Johannesburg area to discuss your exact business requirements. We will take the time to find out exactly what you need and build a clear, understanding of what your needs are. We will provide you with an honest explanation of the end results you can expect. Whether a nature reserve or a brochure advertising a Health Spa, brochures are a mainstay for most marketers and quality is often an important consideration. Print Café ensures that your message is communicated in a compelling and attractive fashion. Print Café, is based in Robertville, in Roodepoort, and has a variety of offers regarding full colour brochure printing. We print your designs or our custom designs, call for our Promotion details.


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